You Know You're in New Jersey When...

101 Quintessential Places, People, Events, Customs, Lingo, And Eats Of The Garden State

Book Description

Many worry that these United States are becoming too much like each other—
but Jerseyans know better. Fun for all ages, this trivia-cum-brag book highlights and celebrates the Garden State's history, traditions, cuisine, and lingo with humor.

For example, you know you're in New Jersey when...

* You celebrate Christmas by crossing the Delaware
* Highways have jug handles
* Birds flock to the World Series
* Everyone asks "What exit are you?"
* And more!

About None

New Jersey resident Lillian Africano is the author of fifteen books and contributes regularly to New York Magazine, Biography, New York Post, Copley News Service, American Way, and Leisure Travel News. She is also a columnist for Woman's World and an op-ed columnist as "One Woman's Voice" for the New York Times Syndicate.
Coauthor and daughter (and fellow New Jerseyan) Nina Africano writes regularly on golf and lifestyles for a variety of publications, including Golf Digest and Asbury Park Press.